Timely Tips, Homely Uses


Caring for Wood Furniture
The greatest friend of wood is LEMON OIL.
Put some pure lemon oil (not mixed with other chemicals, just the essential oil) on a clean cloth, rub in along with the grain, let the goodness sink in. Go over again with cloth in a buffing, circular motion to get it absorbed. If you are dealing with an old bit of furniture that has been neglected, you may want to repeat this several times in a row for the first job.
Watch the old, thirsty wood get the beautiful luster it deserves, it’s like seeing it come to life.
Also, lemon oil has some cleansing properties. It is altogether much better than just furniture polish; especially for older wood furniture, the polish is like putting butter on a burn. Definitely not beneficial in the long run.

Taking a Shine
Perhaps your decorative glass, like hurricane lamps and vases, have become cloudy from missing a few dustings or just being out in the open? No worries. Just rinse them well in running, super- hot tap water, dry quickly with lint free cloth. See them sparkle clear in the sunlight and cast a contemptuous glance at the chemical glass cleaner you were going to waste.

Should the Shade Shed
Oft-times the material used for lamp shades attract large dust and lint particles. While this is a usual occurrence to most things in one’s home, the shades are more reluctant to give up the gunk with the usual methods of removing it. So, for the tenacious textiles, use a lint roller. Gently but firmly hold the shade in place, and gently but firmly perform a systematic sweep. You will see the shade look lighter and brighter once the process is complete.

Keep a Wary Eye
When you are deciding to buy a chair of any kind, always, always, look at the bottom. You learn a lot about a chair from the bottom of the seat. If not only where it was made (if it was previously owned, reliable information on this may be unavailable) but how it was made, very important. How are the joints fixed? In what state is the cushion if it is upholstered? Is it the original fabric? Does it have springs? Is it stuck together with duct tape and 10 penny nails?
Next time you are considering a chair, go straight to the seat of the problem.


And Remember…
If you can’t find art at some point in your day, everyday……

20130625-121723.jpg… make it!!


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