Homestead Steady

A mental image of the down-home, Roots-with-capital-R, is nothing without the steady back and forth of the matriarchal rocking chair.

This rocker fits perfectly in the scene of homestead life. It is solid, all-wood, with a long, smooth, deep-swaying rock. None of that new-tangled finery here, only a simple twist to show that all form is not for function.



It has a wide seat, smoothed out in ergonomic nicety so that a cushion is not a necessity for comfort.
Can you see it at your fireside?



The First Go-Round?

We’ve all heard the saying

“What Goes Around, Comes Around”

And nowhere does that apply better than the field of fashion, home or clothing.
Take, for example, this duo of side tables…

At first glance, one places them as “Mid-Century Modern”, 1960’s, Rob and Laura Petrie furniture. Well, take another look, keeping in mind all the while the afore mentioned adage.



If our sources can be relied upon, these two tables are from the 1940’s. The interesting product of the Roaring Art Deco’s gradual melt into the Arts and Crafts, modern meeting traditional by each of those day’s standards.
These consigned items certainly were a joy for me to oil and restore (see the page Timely Tips, Homely Uses) and admire the smooth grain of the wood used.
Something I found interesting is that, on the underside of each was stamped…

I’m sure you will be fascinated as well!

Character Counts, and this Chair has It!

This little chair may not look like much, but that assumption is blown to pieces the moment you sit down. It is worn smooth by untold years of use. The strength of this chair, however, belies its age. While being simply made, with no elaborate joints etc, it is solid as the Rock of Gibraltar (and much easier to move). The secret to this stability lies in part with the seat base – it is one piece of wood. It’s basically a cross-section of a trunk, and gives one the feeling of sitting on a stump – a stump with legs and a back.
Pick up this bit of history of homesteads for a song, or, more specifically, $25.

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