A Box-on-Stand, Right at Hand

This little ‘object d’ art’ is interesting because it also has several uses. It is a ‘japanned’ finish box-on-stand. The lid can be removed completely, providing ample storage for one’s … handkerchiefs, for instance. When on the stand, it can serve as an occasional table.

The oval box can either be permanently fixed to the stand or be removable, like a large tray. The stand collapses for easy storage, with the box either accompanying it to the back closet or reposing in the home on a different surface.

The japanned finish has the characteristic delicate properties, but the effect is worth it. The peaceful scene of an oriental landscape stands out beautifully in gold against an ebony background.



This box-on-stand was once a whopping $449, but now is available for $175.


Quaint Paint

A painted piece of furniture is often an excellent choice for an accent to a room. It often adds a bit of character and interest, and can tie in all the colors used in the setting to join the area together. This little tray table could be used as a stationary coffee table, or you could present afternoon tea to callers in the parlor, and then whisk it away when the dancing begins.
It is a unique, hand painted little item, that can be bought for $235.

A Quick-change Artist

This little table is ideal for someone with a small space that has many uses, like a living/dining area that can only be one or the other at a time. When both leaves are down, it can be at the back of a sofa or used as a hall table. As the leaves come up, dinner for one, two, even four can now take place.

There are two small drawers, one on each side, for quick easy to reach storage.
Price starts at $175.

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