The Proud Lady and the Dark Horse

Today I offer a juxtaposition of two rocking chairs with quite distinct personalities.

First, there is the Proud Lady, a strong-minded widow that remembers other days.


Dressed in dark wood and dark blue velvet, she holds her age well. Madam believes in the old, heavy finery and grand, stately carriage, barely betrayed by slightly rickety joints.



Very important in learning the qualities of a seat is to glance at the construction of the underpinnings. This proud rocking chair bears the scrutiny well – especially the neatly finished upholstery.



Lastly, a profile of the rockers themselves, very informative of what the rocking experience will be like.


Next, the Dark Horse. As you may know, that is the term for the horse that comes out of nowhere in the race and suddenly wins. It is a fitting appellation for this rocking chair, for, though it obviously has character and a past, it came to us with no information, no history, no pedigree. And it takes at least a second glance to appreciate its qualities.


Smooth, flowing lines; a simple shape; unassuming lattice woven back and seat; all plain in itemization, but beautiful in summation. The age is only told by the cautionary ease someone must use if she should choose to sit on it.


Its underpinnings show the work of care and detail. A lot of work went on, unseen, to bring this filly to the stalls.



Now, with the profile of the rockers, we see why this dark horse may win. Note the simple yet elegant and shapely curve at the tips – where form and function meet. The gentle curve reverse is a safety catch for the rock-ee, and a touch of beauty that is, alas, missing from the proud marchioness.


Both rocking chairs are going for “best offer.” Which do you think will win?


Homestead Steady

A mental image of the down-home, Roots-with-capital-R, is nothing without the steady back and forth of the matriarchal rocking chair.

This rocker fits perfectly in the scene of homestead life. It is solid, all-wood, with a long, smooth, deep-swaying rock. None of that new-tangled finery here, only a simple twist to show that all form is not for function.



It has a wide seat, smoothed out in ergonomic nicety so that a cushion is not a necessity for comfort.
Can you see it at your fireside?


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