Impeccable Impasto


Artwork can do much to add life and character to a room. This pair of paintings, provided by the Paul Robinson Company, would be a warming addition to a morning room or living area. The two portray impressionistic vineyard scenes with deep, warm tones and bold strokes. The large, gold frames of basic lines enable the artwork to be used in contemporary or traditional settings. The frames lend a great deal of visual mass, and measure on the outside 16 1/2″ x 28 1/2″.


The canvas itself measures 12″ x 24″. The detail above shows the small village in the distant background of the painting.

The original retail price for each painting is $730. However, for those of you who are interested, we would be willing to part with the pair for $1,000; or a single painting for $630.
Interior Images carries several Paul Robinson Co. paintings, drop in and see them for yourself!


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