A Visit from Paul Robinson, Inc.

We at Interior Images Ltd. recently had our semiannual visit from an ambassador of the Paul Robinson Inc. art company, along with his equipage – namely, the salesman J M Hartzel ( here pictured with the largest painting in the collection)

20130521-194041.jpg …. And his “widest size allowed on the road” white trailer and truck

Inside this trailer, paintings by the various artists affiliated with the company are sorted by size and roped in (so they can’t run around loose)



And so, once inside, observing each artist’s particular style (from which they are kindly but firmly requested by Paul Robinson Inc to not stray) one can simply revel in oil paintings, traditional and contemporary.


20130521-195202.jpg this artist seems to specialize in blue crabs. Yum


A life on the road, as you may expect, can take a toll on these fancily framed paintings. Also, suppose you are delighted with a painting, but feel it should be surrounded by the simple, not the ornate (or vice versa)? Do not wring your hands with worry, for Mr. Hartzel has a special workshop of his own to care for those needs.


Then, the art man is on his way to a new destination, and the paintings that remain behind are carefully unwrapped and tastefully placed about the store.





Come see these and more ‘in the paint’ at Interior Images!


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