Wedding Breakfast



As I unpacked this Wawel set of Polish rose dishes and lovingly polished and placed each item in its display area, I conjured up in my mind’s eye just what would be the ideal purpose for these dishes. Scenes from Dickens novels, sunny mornings, early summers, and damask table cloths whirled about my head, finally condensing to show what was meant to be – a Wedding Breakfast.



20130409-180947.jpg The gold rimmed, pure white china accented with delicate sprigs of roses and other posy essentials would be synonymous with no other occasion. ~ The cup and saucer would look so charming being held by a recently ringed hand, and the coffee pot tended by one whose nuptials happened long ago. ~ There are two sets of sugar bowls and creamers to set one on each end of the large dining table, a table full of places set for friends and family dressed in their best, who have gathered at the bride’s family home. ~ There are plenty of dessert plates for Italian wedding cookies and of course the wedding cake itself, very important. ~ All, in short, is needed to make this mark of entry into conjugal bliss a memorable and lovely occasion for Bride, Groom, and guest.

20130409-181115.jpg The coffee cups come with two different sprigs on the inside.

Here is the official tally of what this set includes:
Soup bowls 16
Bread/dessert plates 24
Coffee pot 1
Creamer 2
Sugar bowl 2
Platter 2
Serving bowl 2
Dinner plates 14
Cups and saucers 14 each
That makes 14 complete settings of 5. So 70 pieces plus.

Also displayed in the Lexington “Camden Hall” china cabinet. Original cost over $3800; was $850; now $775.



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