As Promised …

The great Leviathan of a table has at last been reassembled! Now you can see with your own eyes this desirable, handsome piece of furniture along with its compatriot dining chairs. To give you an idea of the stability of this table, each of those enormous, shapely legs are solid wood.


20130419-164142.jpg And supported upon these limbs you shall descry a beautiful table top, with dark wood so shining you can see your reflection!

You can see my finger and hand as I take the photo

And now, all assembled (and with a custom cut glass table topper). Is it not a commanding sight?


Once again, the table and chairs are on sale for $3900.


Upbeat Updates

Circumstances have dictated that I take a moment to appraise the viewer to a few changes. Don’t worry, they are not sad or life threatening, but you may like to know of them.

-The Peony Garden dishes from Lenox (in the post Beautiful Antique Table) have been sold.
– The Oneida Splendid Platinum dining china (from Badash Crystal and its Costars) has also found a home.
-The main items in the From Germany, With Love post (the bird plates) have winged away since their blog debut.
– A dining room not to far away is now brightened by the presence of the Chinoiserie dining set featured in the Century Dining Table post.
– The recently acquired Island buffet made by Stanley furniture will depart from our store this week to cheer the walls of another home.

You may ask why I chose this post to make these announcements. It is because it alters considerable the price for the series of furniture I have been highlighting. Now that the buffet has been sold, the dining table and chairs will be much easier to purchase.
The retail price for the handsome dining table of somber yet shining dark wood and accompanying chairs hovers at $7273.00. Staggering!
The price that Interior Images is proffering for this set and the custom glass table topper to the public is ~ drumroll please~ $3900.00


A full length photo of the dining table (not just one of its legs) will be coming forthwith.

From Germany, with Love


20121218-175008.jpg 20121218-175022.jpg


This set of unique dishes would be perfect for a bird lover with a taste for china. Each of the 6 plates portray a different songbird along with some brightly colored flora to set off the feathered fauna. Though these were manufactured some time ago, the porcelain-white base, the foam-green edge, and the golden lace detail have a high luster and steady feel.


An interesting bit of trivia about these dishes – they are double stamped. The first (chronologically) label is in fine black script, for the most part illegible. However, one can discern that they were made in Germany. The second stamp, bolder in dark green with a more promonant logo, clearly says Western Germany. Intriguing.

20121218-175229.jpg The dishes are set on a consigned dining table with 6 chairs and additional leaf, $750.

20121218-190714.jpgThese European treasures are $25 each.



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