As Promised …

The great Leviathan of a table has at last been reassembled! Now you can see with your own eyes this desirable, handsome piece of furniture along with its compatriot dining chairs. To give you an idea of the stability of this table, each of those enormous, shapely legs are solid wood.


20130419-164142.jpg And supported upon these limbs you shall descry a beautiful table top, with dark wood so shining you can see your reflection!

You can see my finger and hand as I take the photo

And now, all assembled (and with a custom cut glass table topper). Is it not a commanding sight?


Once again, the table and chairs are on sale for $3900.


2nd in a Series


Of course, a sideboard is incomplete without the dining equipage, and a key part of the dining equipage would be dining chairs.

This set of six has some excellent characteristics. Each seat has an attached cushion and roll pillow of matching white fabric. The frame of dark wood is in prime condition with a high sheen. The backs are filled with rattan weave of the same color as the wood.


The retail price for these chairs amounts to $3594, or $599 each. Wait for the end of this series to see the astounding price at Interior Images.

Wait for it…. Wait for it…

New Arrivals!

Great News! there are strangers in these ‘ere parts. But not for long. Allow me to gradually introduce some recent arrivals at Interior Images.


This Stanley furniture buffet of rich dark wood, from the ‘Island’ series, was made in the United States. It measures 64″x 20″ x 41 13/16″H, an imposing object.

The center top drawer is felt-lined for the family silver.


And the family crystal sparkles pleasantly on the board for the visiting diner to see.

The retail price stands at $3349. To see what amazing deal Interior Images is offering, wait until the end of the present series.

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