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Here at Interior Images, Ltd, there are some Markdowns that require your attention!

Items from the Bassett Mirror Company are at a significant reduction; the Collette Jewelry Chrst, for instance, is now for sale at $1295.00

All Crystal (particularly the Badash) is at 40% off!!


Additional Addendums



I wanted to show you a few additional suggestions for displaying the Stevengraph silk pictures. I might also state that they are displayed on the double dining table I highlighted in an early post. This 1800’s work of useful art is simply fascinating and I feel it requires more attention. Look at it! It’s beautiful!



The Badash Crystal in so many of these pictures is also of a finer calibre than many and should be admired for its ‘crystal clear’ beauty.

Badash Crystal and its Costars

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever.”

Finely made crystal is ever a thing of beauty. The sparkle of the Alice cut, the prismatic rainbows that spill from the light that goes through each wine glass and pitcher, give a very strong comment on the rich splendor of simplicity.

Crystal can accompany many styles in the china cabinet. This is demonstrated by showing it side by side with the modern Oneida platinum ‘Splendid’ line of china and a Tiffany Co. Silver salver, along with other traditional silver items.
All of this and more can be found in the little shop of Westover, Interior Images, Ltd.

The Oneida Splendid Platinum is a service for 12, a 65 piece set, for $69.

All items were displayed in a Lexington “Camden Hall” china cabinet for only $850. (original cost over $3800)

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