This Just In…

Here at Interior Images, Ltd, there are some Markdowns that require your attention!

Items from the Bassett Mirror Company are at a significant reduction; the Collette Jewelry Chrst, for instance, is now for sale at $1295.00

All Crystal (particularly the Badash) is at 40% off!!


Bedad, Am I Bedazzled!

Here is a very shiny prize carried off from the High Point Market high.
This is a creation from the collective mind of the Bassett Mirror Company – a dazzling jewelry chest with the apropos appellation of Collette.


Mademoiselle Collette has all sorts of finery and frills, such as the ornate shaping of the antique bronze finished legs, along with the charmingly sparkling handles…

… Along with the mirrored lid, which, when raised, displays yet another mirror..


…as well as the cunning little side compartments for hanging items (necklaces, scarfs, etc)


And of course, mirrors, mirrors, mirrors!
M’mselle Collette is a fancy miss, with a fancy price – $1,719.

A Preface to IKEA

IKEA is an amazing establishment, there can be no doubt. A great deal of their fame comes from their ingenuity, particularly when they are giving a piece of furniture more than one assignment in the home.
However, as we have noted before, there is nothing new under the sun. And this little item from a company called Brickwede is a prime example.

At first glance, you may see a decent looking dresser with a glass top cut to fit. And you would be right.



“But that is not all,” said the Cat in the Hat, “that is not all!”

For one thing, one of the drawers has velvety lining and various compartments…

And for a surprising other, tucked under the top is a pull-out desk, with finished wood so shiny you could see my face in it…

Just goes to show what can be found by looking. Especially at Interior Images!

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